Our current solutions leverage state of the art digital tools that strengthen your community.
Stay tuned for awesome new solutions in our soon to be announced "Apollo Digital Ecosystem".

What Our Platform Does

  1. Engage your community
  2. Gather community insights
  3. Fundraise for research
  4. Engage doctors and scientists in your research
  5. Accumulate health data from your community

Your community is your strength

How do you keep your community engaged using the best of bred engagement tools like those from leading social networks? Would you like your web site to be as sticky as Facebook? Would you like to supercharge your Facebook group? Althea’s solutions help you achieve this.

Leverage your community’s Social Capital for effective crowdfunding

We craft customized social media strategies that highlight your community’s stories. We provide tools to easily involve your community and supporters to supercharge your crowdfunding campaign. Ours is a high-touch, high-value strategy compared to low touch, low-value crowdfunding sites.

Be a Research Ready Community

  1. Harvest the wisdom of patients and caregivers
  2. Aggregate 360 degree patient data
  3. Fund research that is in the self interest of your community
  4. Collaborate with the best doctors and researchers in your field

Find out how Althea Health is collaborating with other rare and neglected disease communities.


Effortlessly Capture Community Health Data

We help you capture data using smartphones, devices and EMR interfaces. There can be many valuable insights that can be gleaned from data gathered from your members. We make this easy for you to do without any programming or costly systems.

Key platform features

  1. Simply plugs into your existing web site to create a seamless experience for your members and supporters.
  2. Responsive design optimized for mobile and web use
  3. Hosted solution means NO software maintenance and installation required
  4. HIPAA compliant and secure data repository
  5. You control and own your own data