What We Do

Currently we create digital tools that empower rare disease communities to fund and conduct their own research

Project Apollo

Over the last couple of years we realized that patient communities possess some strengths that complement or even exceed those of researchers and pharma

We will soon announce an ambitious new digital ecosystem for patient groups, researchers, investors and service providers to work together efficiently utilizing technology, leveraging strengths and redistributing risk

Unfortunately, when 95% of rare diseases do not have a single FDA approved drug, just rearranging the deck chairs will not cut it. We draw inspiration from the likes of Airbnb & Uber to rethink the rare disease drug development process!!

Unleash the Power of Collective Action

  • Progressively engage and empower your community in your research mission
  • Turn your community’s social capital into awareness and research funds
  • Attract top researchers to realize your research goals

Unleash the Power of Data

Securely collect and manage your community’s health data to uncover new insights and make the community ‘research ready’

Jumpstart Your Community Now!

Your community is the key to seizing your research destiny. Learn how Althea is helping other communities like yours.